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strong foundations

Co-founder Tom Smith has combined his years of experience and passion for powerlifting to create Warrington's best dedicated facility for strength and fitness.

Man putting on wrist wraps


Fitness trends and diet fads come and go but we believe strength training should be the base for all fitness goals. We employ training methods backed by science and evidence-based practice from years of personal experience.  Your goals matter to us. We will help implement an optimal training and nutrition strategy, in a positive and supportive environment, to help you achieve the results you want, without spending endless hours on a treadmill.


Powerlifting record holder, Tom Smith is a graduate of Liverpool John Moores University with a MSc in Strength and Conditioning. Once a keen rugby player, Tom has since then acquired vast and varied experience as both an internationally ranked powerlifter, and as a coach.

It has always been Tom's goal to create a training environment for his clients/lifters that is highly conducive to results. Northern Strength was developed to be the best place to train in Warrington and the surrounding areas for both strength athletes and general fitness. The atmosphere, training knowledge, and equipment are unparalleled.

Milo and the bull

milo & the bull

The inspiration behind our logo, Milo of Croton was a wrestler from 6BC - he gained immense strength by lifting a newborn calf and carrying it on his shoulders. The story goes that he returned the next day and carried out the same feat. Milo then continued to do this for 4 years, hoisting the calf onto his shoulders each day as it grew.

 All the time the calf was getting bigger and heavier, Milo would have had to get stronger himself. The core principles of strength training and how to build muscle are encapsulated in this legendary tale of Milo and the bull.


We want to build a community of like-minded training enthusiasts who are passionate, determined, and supportive. We welcome everybody from any background who wants to maximise their strength and train with community support.

Man standing at a barbell
Kit list


We have a great relationship with The Strength Shop who have supplied us with most of our fit out - including competition standard equipment. Check out just some of our kit below:

  • A range of conditioning equipment 

  • Full competition standard powerlifting kit 

  • Competition calibrated plates

  • Specialist bars (squat, deadlift, SSB, bow bar and trap bars)

  • A monolift

  • Hamstring curl/leg extension machine

  • Belt Squat

  • Dip station

  • Concept 2 Ski Erg

  • Reverse hyper

  • Four station cable machine with over 10 attachments

  • T-bar row

  • Seal Row

  • Cybex chest press/shoulder press/horizontal row machines

  • Glute ham raise

  • 3 Combo racks

  • 2 deadlift platforms

  • Dumbbells up to 60kg

  • ... and last but not least, chalk!

They also a sell great range of strength training accessories, so if you want to get kitted out head to: and use code smithstrength5 for a discount.

Strength Shop 25kg red plate
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