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what we offer

At Northern Strength we’ve designed a number of services - for people at all levels. From group sessions to powerlifting specific coaching, we will offer an option to suit your needs.

Hybrid Method

>  Small Group Classes 

>  Fitness apps included

>  Unlimited gym access with key-fob     

>  Nutritional guidance and weekly check-ins

You can quickly become a fitter, stronger version of you with four coached training sessions per week. These coach-led small group classes are open to all. Expect to use a wide variety of our equipment to keep your gym time varied. This is an excellent way to stay accountable and to make friends with people who have the same fitness goals!

You will also be given a key fob for 24/7 gym access for the times you can't make a class but don't want to miss out! All the workouts will be available on an app so you can still  follow the program and record your progress.

Our coaches will also be able to see your workout results and each week there is a check-in available where you can feedback how you've got on with achieving your goals , keeping you disciplined so you stay on track.

Nutritional guidance is also available as part of this plan. We advocate sustainable evidence-based nutrition, so you can reach your goals whilst nurturing a healthy understanding and relationship with food. 

* 3 month minimum subscription required / small joining fee


Open Gym

>  Key-fob for 24/7 access

>  Top spec equipment chosen by and for powerlifters

>  Self service till for drinks and snacks

>  No contract

>  Discounted rates for students available

Come and train with no hassle. Our cheapest membership option, you might wish to work at your own pace following our online coaching program or perhaps you write your own training and know how to concentrate on what you want to work on. Regardless of what program you're following, you are welcome to come in any time 24/7 with key fob access. With a capped number of open gym memberships, you won't have to wait around to use our equipment,

We are stacked with the highest quality strength and powerlifting kit (listed here) - even to competition standard. This is a huge advantage over having to train at a commercial gym where this type of equipment is often limited or not the best quality.

Open gym membership can be combined with our online coaching option to provide you with the full package you need to get stronger!

* small joining fee


Online Coaching

>  Specialised program for powerlifting, specific sports strength & conditioning or general health & fitness

>  Bi-weekly training video feedback

>  Can be combined with open gym membership

The benefit of an experienced strength coach to help guide your training and development no matter where you are in the world! Our goal with online coaching is to help you develop as an athlete – both physically and intellectually.

With twice weekly video feedback, we will delve into the expertise behind various technical and programming decisions. Having a personal coach who is committed to seeing you improve will take you to the next level in your chosen sport or to see real results in your general health and fitness.

Online Coaching can be combined with Northern Strength Open Gym membership if you are nearby. If not, you still have access to our experience, knowledge, tools, and accountability to maximize your time in the gym.

3 month minimum subscription required


Personal Training

>  1 hr face to face session up to 4 times per week

>  Powerlifting, sport specific S&C or general fitness

>  Technique, rehab, flexibility work

>  All experience levels welcome

 If a one-on-one experience is how you operate, we're confident that our personalised training methods will get you the results you desire. Whether you want to get started with a new fitness routine, have sports specific strength and conditioning needs or want face to face powerlifting coaching then book with us. 

You will be assessed, monitored, motivated, and held accountable like never before. Personal Training is your BEST option for maximum results.

Limited sessions available so that you get the best quality coaching available. 

Feel free to mix and match one-on-one personal training with other services we offer. Your coach will help develop the plan to meet your needs.


Day Pass

Visit Northern Strength for the day, with no contract or sign up fees. Our day pass is perfect if you're just in the area for the day, if you’re curious about what it’s like or if you want to train with a friend who is already a member,

Where possible day passes must be purchased in advanced so we can ensure the gym is staffed, although they can also be purchased at the gym if you do decide to drop-in.

When you book in a session, the system will show time slots for a 4 hour stay which we hope should be enough time to cover even a long training session but please contact us if should you need to stay longer.

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