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Need to Know

Have a look at our FAQs and find out answers to the questions that may be on your mind. If there is something that we might not have covered, please get in touch with us via the contact us form! Northern Strength is here to help you.

  • I am a trainer at another gym, can I train my clients at your gym?
    Contact us with specifics on your situation and for more information.
  • Why do I have to sign up for a minimum of 3 months (Hybrid Method/Online Coaching/Combo Plan)?
    If you want to give yourself the best chance of success, the three month mark is when the changes really start to show. You should be feeling fitter and your overall strength should have increased. If you have been keeping to a nutrition plan you should also see a noticeable body fat drop at this point. A new fitness journey takes time, we don't make false promises of quick fixes.
  • What makes you different to other gyms I've tried?
    If you're looking for something more interesting and effective than a normal commercial gym can offer then we are the gym for you. You won’t find rows of treadmills, cross trainers or machines you've no idea how to use properly! You will find prowler sleds, indoor turf, dragging sleds, chains, bands, racks, benches, kettlebells, lots of chalk, a good selection of dumbbells. We also have a lot of powerlifting equipment, such as calibrated plates, competition bars, combo racks. All this adds up to the fact we have equipment that suits the needs of any ability - all of these can be used by absolute beginners to exercise, all the way through to serious competitive athletes, or just someone trying to lose a few pounds.
  • Are members shown how to use the equipment?
    Yes, every new member has access to a welcome 'walk around'. We will be in contact to book a welcome session prior to your first visit to show you the equipment, the procedures for entry/exit with your key fob and go through a medical form.
  • I've never lifted before, where do I start?
    You’re in the right place! Most of our members had never touched a barbell before walking in our doors. For new members we recommend the small group class option - the Hybrid Method - where you can come up to 5 times a week and try the different lifts and the type of strength and conditioning work we have in our programs. Most people stick with the classes as they offer a wide variety of workouts, but others sometimes move to a different plan to focus more on powerlifting specifically.
  • Do you offer personal training?
    Yes! We offer personal training or personal online coaching. This is a great option for those who want more individual attention or are preparing for a specific event. Contact us for further information or head straight over to our Plans & Pricing page.
  • What are your opening hours?
    24/7 - Open Gym with key fob access 6.30pm - 8.30pm - Small Group Training classes (Mon, Tues, Thurs) 5.30pm - 7.30pm - Small Group Training catch up session (Fri) 7am - 9am - Small Group Training classes (Sat) By appointment only - Day Pass, Inductions & 1:1 PT (Book here: )
  • You mention powerlifting alot, it sounds intense. I just want to gain muscle and get stronger/look better!
    If you want to get stronger and be around friendly like-minded individuals, you’ve come to the right place. Our gym balances being intense with being friendly and welcoming - over half of our members have never powerlifted or never plan on powerlifting. Northern Strength is for everyone with the positive attitude towards improving their personal fitness, being a part of the community and working hard to achieve their goals. If you don’t know where to start just message us about how we can help.
  • Can I film in Northern Strength Gym?
    As we also offer online coaching that requires you sending videos for your coach to give feedback, we understand that this is a new requirement in gym settings. We just ask you bring you own tripod and are mindful of other members, particularly whilst there are classes on.
  • At my current gym, I often have to wait for equipment and waste a lot of time. Is your gym like that?
    No, because we have capped our number of memberships, waiting for equipment rarely happens. Because our focus is on things like Squat, Bench, Deadlift and other barbell/compound lifts, we have more than enough high quality bars, plates, squat racks, combo racks and deadlift platforms. On the off chance the gym is unusually busy, our membership base is extremely friendly and would be happy to let you work in with them.
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